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Last updated on May 7, 2021

Photo: Garth Lenz

West Moberly First Nations recently won an important motion following an appearance in court in March. B.C. Supreme Court has ordered disclosure of documents related to the projected final cost and safety of Site C dam. West Moberly First Nations launched their lawsuit against Canada, B.C. and BC Hydro @bchydro, the RAVEN community stepped up – big time. You donated over $223k in just 6 weeks to ensure that the Nation not only have their day in court, and arrive equipped with the best possible evidence and legal representation.

Now, the Nation will prepare for trial in a much more targeted and strategic way. For example, West Moberly’s geotechnical experts will now be able to focus their scrutiny on specific areas of weakness identified in the newly-acquired materials. Similarly, the financial experts will be able to work with actual figures on which the government is basing its decision-making, rather than piecing it together like taxpayers have been forced to do.

Does this mean British Columbians will finally get to see the hottest docs in town? Not so fast! Justice Milman’s order does not allow West Moberly First Nations to share the materials with the public, and West Moberly must hold them subject to a confidentiality agreement to be negotiated with B.C.

We’re relieved and glad for West Moberly that they can now carry on with their legal preparations equipped with this important evidence. The overwhelming support you’ve given to this case has buoyed the spirits of a Nation who has been pushing back against mega-dams for generations. We are so happy to be celebrating with them, and with you.

Go plant your feet on the spring grass and do a happy dance!!

via @raven_trust

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