Black Panther is Back! (and not just in the movie theatres)

Black Panther Photographed in Kenya with a Camtraptions camera trap. Laikipia Wilderness Camp, Kenya.

Right on time for Black history month and Oscar season, the Black Panther has made her arrival. For the first time in over 100 years, a melanistic leopard was spotted in Africa. The cub was spotted in Laikipia County, Kenya, not too far from the fictional location of Wakanda, the African nation featured in Black Panther the movie. Researchers from the San Diego Zoo who were studying leopards were able to capture this rare footage:

Black Panther is a term used for any large feline, such as a jaguar or a leopard, that has a surplus of pigment that causes the skin and hair to appear black; this trait is also known as melanism. According to the news breaking report, published by the African Journal of Ecology, this is the first sighting of a melanistic leopard since 1909. There have only been five previously confirmed sightings on the continent of Africa.

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