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Photo by Ruddy Roye

One year after the death of George Floyd, his family announced the creation of a black community outreach program with part of the proceeds from the civil settlement with the city of Minneapolis. The “George Floyd Community Benevolent Fund” has seed money of US$500,000 and will provide grants in the Powderhorn neighborhood in Minneapolis where he was killed by police officer Derek Chauvin in 2020. Attorney Ben Crump announced that the money in the fund comes from a US$27 million civil settlement reached by Floyd’s family with the city of Minneapolis prior to the Chauvin trial.

“George’s legacy is his spirit of optimism that things can get better, and our family wants to bring that hope to the community where he died, so that together we can make things better for the Black community in Minneapolis and beyond,” George’s brother Terrence Floyd said, as reported by Fox.

The GF fund will provide grants of $5,000, $10,000, $25,000 for business expansion, scholarships, training, and community arts awareness. In 2020, Floyd’s death then triggered the largest wave of anti-racist protests since the late 1960s. Chauvin, who pressed his knee into Floyd’s neck for more than nine minutes, was found guilty in April of all three murder charges, which could keep him in prison for up to 40 years. However, given that this officer has no criminal record, he could be sentenced to a maximum of 12 years. The reading of his sentence will take place on June 25.

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