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U.S. Vice President Kamala Harris Wednesday informed that she plans to visit Mexico and Guatemala in the coming days due to the increase of migrants at her country’s southern border.

“I will be traveling to these countries to discuss their government’s response to the migration crisis,” Harris said without specifying dates. In a meeting with experts in Latin American issues, she said she has no plans to visit the U.S. southern border for now because her mission is to address the underlying causes of the irregular migration.  Last month, Harris was appointed by President Joe Biden as coordinator of U.S. affairs with Mexico and Central American nations to curb the influx of illegal immigrants.

“The U.S. aims to give Central American citizens hope to stay in their countries despite high levels of violence and poverty,” she said. The vice president did not clarify whether she will also visit Honduras and El Salvador, whose citizens make up the majority of undocumented people reaching the U.S.-Mexico border. In March, the number of migrants detained at the U.S. southern border rose 71 percent compared to the previous month, according to official figures.

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