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May 13, 2021 marks the 36th anniversary of the 1985 bombing of the home and headquarters of MOVE, a Black liberation group based out of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The Mother’s day massacre by the Philadelphia Police force led to the murder of 11 people including 5 children and the destruction of approximately 65 of the surrounding homes on Osage avenue where the MOVE home was located.

But what led to this tragedy? will explore the history and continued legacy of MOVE through a four-part series featuring images, exclusive interviews and footage of MOVE members and allies. Philadelphia native, Zakee Kuduro takes us on a journey through a turbulent time in American history while offering reflection and observation in honor of MOVE.

Part 1: John Africa: The Man Behind the MOVE, chronicles the life of John Africa, the charismatic, misunderstood leader of MOVE and creator of the MOVE Bible and other religious doctrines.

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