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Last updated on February 23, 2021

This Black History Month Microsoft wanted to honor real people who use Microsoft products to empower and inspire change. It was an honor and quite a journey to be a part of this campaign. I’m SUPER excited to divulge a little more on the back story of how this advertisement came to be in a future post (and WHAT A STORY IT IS!!). Big thank you’s to the team at Microsoft and Panay Films, especially the amazingly talented writer, Richard Scott who envisioned and pitched me for this opportunity.

Check out the campaign and visit’s Black History Month Portal to partake in an interactive virtual museum featuring exhibits from 13 different museums and cultural centers.

Anywho, there is still LOTS of history to make, and archive and that is what we will do through the continued development of the Checktheweather platform! We hope you’ll continue walking on this journey with us and please make sure to subscribe to the site for updates! You can also hang out with us on all the socials via @checktheweather!

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