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Brazil recorded 790 deaths in the last 24 hours and the total number of deaths now stands at 449,858 since the beginning of the pandemic, according to the Ministry of Health on Monday. According to the latest bulletin, Brazil, one of the most affected in the world by the disease, added 37,498 cases in the last day and accumulated 16,120,756 coronavirus infections.

The authorities have reiterated that the numbers of deaths and infections are lower on weekends and Mondays due to the lack of personnel to process the data, but, in general, they increase again from Tuesdays onwards. The infection curve has grown in recent weeks, and the daily average over the last 7 days is 65,195, after falling to 56,533 on April 26, but far from the record reached on March 25 (77,050).

The number of deaths, which had been falling slowly and gradually, has stopped falling and has stagnated, with an average of 1,903 deaths in the last 7 days, after the peak reached on April 13, when it exceeded 3,000. The figures, according to specialists, could indicate the arrival of a third wave in the coming weeks, at a time when the social distancing measures have been strongly relaxed and the vaccination process is progressing at a slow pace in the country, with only about 10% of the population immunized with the two doses.

The Ministry of Health also informed that 14.5 million people have recovered from the disease in Brazil, a country with 210 million inhabitants, while 1.1 million are still under medical follow-up.

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