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On March 8, 2021, judge Edson Fachin annulled all charges against Lula, which allows the former Brazilian leftist president to run for office again. After the announcement, polls show that Lula could challenge Bolsonaro with a sizable winning margin in voters’ intentions.  

Brazil’s Federal Prosecutor’s Office appealed the Supreme Court’s ruling that lifted the convictions against former president President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva. The Federal Prosecutor’s Office said in a statement that “based on the Supreme Court’s jurisprudence, and to preserve procedural stability and legal security, the sentences must be maintained and the processes continued.”
However, local media outlets report that Lula’s team expects the Supreme Court will vote against the appeal. The president of the Supreme Court, Luiz Fux, confirmed there would be a vote on the appeal “as soon as possible.” This, as thousands of Brazilians see in Lula’s return to politics the final push to defeat Bolsonaro in the upcoming elections.

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